Agility Online Entry Form

Agility Online Entry Form
Fill in the online form for each dog you are entering for the trial. I will email you a PAYPAL invoice when I am back in the office. Once you have paid the invoice, you will be entered in the trial and will get a confirmation email for each dog directly from the trial software. Each online transaction (not each dog or run but each whole transaction) will be charged a 7% processing fee to cover the additional charges and work K-9 Sports is incurring.
Club name and location
Enter the dates you will be running. For example 12/1/21 to 12/4/21 OR 1/3/21 & 1/5/21
See premium for details about titling track options. If you want to mix regular and preferred classes, you must submit 2 separate forms. One for Regular and on for Preferred.
Confirmation of Camping is not necessarily confirmation of entry into the trial.
Value of certificates/coupons/vouchers will be deducted from the PayPal Invoice. These items must then be mailed to the Secretary or brought to the trial and turned in to the Secretary.
For payment of entry fees, you will receive a separate email invoice from PayPal. Fee of 7% will be added to all online payments.