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Secretarial Services

Here's what you get when you hire K-9 Sports for Secretary Services:

  • Filing the necessary Agility Trial applications and documents with the AKC
  • Creation of the Agility Trial premium with current AKC information.
  • Distribution/Publishing of the Agility Trial premium.
  • Access to the K-9 Sports website ( for the Agility Trial premium downloading and reviewing of Agility Trial results.
  • Collection of the Agility Trial entries.
  • Handling of Agility Trial entry monies, and accurate accounting of deposits. This includes a spreadsheet to make financial reconciliation of the Agility Trial easier for the club.
  • Preparation of the Agility Trial confirmation letters, class schedules, running orders, scribe sheets, gate sheets, and any other paperwork necessary for the Agility Trial.
  • Preparation of the worker’s schedule with volunteers and club members.
  • Emailing of the Agility Trial confirmation letters, armband numbers, workers’ schedules, etc.
  • Complete staffing of score table during the Agility Trial. K-9 Sports provides the necessary computer equipment for the Agility Trial.
  • Agility Trial catalog preparation each day.
  • Agility Trial results posting at the trial site.
  • Post Agility Trial paperwork and filing with the AKC.
Equipment Rental

We supply EVERYTHING you need to set up two agility trial rings and scoring area.

  • Sheep Fencing and Gates to completely enclose two 100 x 100 rings.
  • 10 6ft Tables to accommodate the scoring area, ring scribe tables, raffle tables, etc.
  • Electronic timers with easy to see TV displays
  • Sturdy easels to handle the check in boards and worker boards
  • Plus enough agility equipment to fill 2 rings.
Secretarial Service Pricing

Secretarial Service fees start at $1.50 per run. Other details upon request.

Equipment Rental Pricing

We offer Equipment Rental for $600 per day. OR ~ as a combination package with our Secretarial Services, at a discounted rate of $500 per day.

Getting The Word Out

Included in our Secretary Service is access to our almost 3,000 email contacts. We regularly advertise your event to our list, keeping the events fresh on the minds of potential exhibitors.

On The Road to Your Specialty

We offer package deals for Specialties. You can hire us to take care of the Secretarial portion as well as renting our equipment. For this combination our rate is typically $400 per day for a single breed Specialty. For events beyond the single breed specialty, or different service combinations. contact us for other pricing options.