2 thoughts on “Sno-King Agility Club – Nov 13, 2021 Course Maps”

    1. Sorry everyone. The Sat courses ARE on the website. I must have clicked on the wrong link when I sent the original email. However, you can always go directly to my website to get the maps. You don’t need those links to get to them. Open a new browser window and type in http://www.k-9sports.com. That will take you directly to the “Post” page. The maps will be there.

      Please understand, I’m trying to offer the best service I can by posting maps to my website. You know AKC changed back to not allowing maps to be released until the day of the event. And we only are required to post a copy at the trial site in the morning. So posting to my website is an extra service I’m working to provide. So you know, I have to be up at midnight to receive the maps from the judges and then upload them to my site so they are there for you when you wake up. I choose to do that rather than have to get up earlier in the morning to post them.

      Again, secretaries are not required to provide this service. So please be patient and kind. If it becomes any more of a problem, I may forego this and just post the paper copy on the morning of the trial.

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